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There is a major problem in the Church today - morally, Christians are indistinguishable from the non-Christian.  Covetousness, promiscuity, adultery, software and music piracy and sharing,  copyright theft, and almost every other sin, is as common in the Church as it is outside of it. 

The basic problem is that even Christians have no respect for the Ten Commandments and the other moral laws of the Bible.  Too many believe that Biblical moral laws are not relevant and do not apply to them today.   Too many Christians do not really believe that their deeds are important to God and that all sin, even that performed by Christians, is an affront to God. 

The non-Christian sees this and appropriately calls us "hypocritical".  Consequently, our ability to draw others towards Christ is diminished.  Additionally, our entire culture is harmed by these unscriptural beliefs.  If a Christian will not stand up against theft, covetousness, adultery, and other sins, then who will?  The American culture has institutionalized theft and covetousness precisely because the Church has lost it's moral compass. 

This belief is often the result of an unscriptural understanding of the concept of grace.  While the modern Christian is correct in believing  we are "not under law but under grace", this does not excuse sin.  The Bible is clear about this.

The modern Church has played a major role in the de-emphasis of the morality.  Historically, the Church advised on righteousness, duty, and obligation.  But today's Church seems more interested in “feel goodâ€